How to Reuse Packaging Foams

By: Terence Liew | Jul 19, 2013 Reducing waste and finding new uses for packing materials such as EVA foam or EPE foam can be an important concern for those who are concerned about the environment or who may only have a limited or fixed budget at their disposal. Finding ways to reuse PU foam and the other materials that are commonly used in shipping may be able to provide a number of cost-effective and environmental benefits tha

Helping Cape Town's poor clean up

By: Angela Benjafield | Mar 7, 2012 In Dunoon informal settlement, Recycle Swop Shop has been actively teaching and encouraging people to recycle for a little over a year now. It's been amazing to ge to know the people who come to Swop Shop, and see their lives improve through this community project.

Rules of Arya Samaj

By: vikas gupta | Dec 5, 2011 People with good and righteous conduct along with benevolent and noble qualities are termed as Aryas.Arya Samaj is not limited to a particular religion, race, colour of the skin, country etc. In fact, anyone who is willing to work towards improving his/her conduct, thinking, character, in line with the Arya Samaj's principles and is ready to accept the teachings of the Riches with reasoning can be

India 2011 New Upcoming Car

By: Patton Jai | Nov 12, 2011 1 Th-Nov-2011: Skoda Rapid Skoda's new sedan has decided that India will come to a close on November 16, 2011.

The short sides of the save money electric vehicles

By: imagecolorallocate | May 6, 2011 Price, technology, standards, these new energy vehicles in the past plagued the knot into the family, and not because of the past year, with the charging station and electric car "regular army" and a difference, Shandong personal new energy vehicles, still entangled in the long wait collapsed.

Facts about recycling plastic

By: rayrador | May 5, 2011 There is certain facts about recycling which everyone must know. These recycled products always help the environment and the nature. People usually think that it is better to buy a new product instead of getting it recycled. There are certain facts about recycling which might change this perception of the people.

Most Cost-Effective Portable Insulating Oil Purifier/ Oil Reclamation/ Oil Treatment Machine

By: Cathy Huang | Apr 19, 2011 This machine is small, hi-efficient conveniently. And it can live operated with electrical, vacuum oiling the power equipment and dry moisture of power equipment.

Do You Think Starbucks Is Sustainable?

By: Tyler Weaver | Apr 4, 2011 Starbucks, and all coffee shops, have quite the opportunity to be leaders in the zero waste movement. Between composting and recycling, coffee shop waste is covered. What will it take for this necessary transition to happen?


By: Mahendra K Patidar | Mar 22, 2011 AGRICULTURE is one of the core sector for economic growth of the country. The overall growth of the country is determined by various parameters. Irrigation is considered as a life line of the India’s agriculture. The outstanding feature of Indian agriculture is its dependence on rainfall. Due to unequal distribution of rainfall during the year and its variation from year to year-in respect of qu

Largest Disposal Sites in the U.S

By: Mary Rose | Mar 9, 2011 Without waste landfills, will American wonder where to throw away over 250 million tons of trash each year? Landfills have become a further source of alternative energy. Thanks to technological marvels, electricity is generated from landfill gases and sold to businesses and municipalities.
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