How To Go Green Without Breaking The Bank

By: Lyndsey | Mar 9, 2009 Guide to how to go green without spending money.

Recycling Defined

By: Joey Pebble | Mar 3, 2009 The term recycling refers to the processing of used manufactured products in such a way that the materials are turned into new products, ready to be re-used. Most materials can be recycled, although harder substances may cost more to process, making their re-use inefficient. Paper, plastic, glass, tin, and many textiles are all relatively easy to process for recycling. Despite the similarity in purpose and process, when organic materials such as foods and plants are re-used the process is known

Changing the World One Bag at a Time

By: Nick Tart | Jan 2, 2009 The biggest problem with trying to completely eradicate plastic bag usage is that people use their plastic bags for other purposes. Whether it is picking up dog poop or lining a small trash can, many people recycle their plastic bags. But let me ask you this: How many plastic bags are currently in your cupboard? Ana Lorenzo has found a solution with her company, The Bag Movement...
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