Regulatory compliance

Trademark Registration: A Guide for Texan Business Owners

By: Jared Ingram | Aug 27, 2013 Making a debut in the Texan market is really tough. You should really pay your dues to make it to the top. But there is nothing impossible for a business-minded person. A perfect mixture of ability, creativity and innovativeness can get an entrepreneur to the peak of success.

Regulatory Compliance

By: John Robinson | Mar 5, 2013 The best route to understanding what regulatory compliance means is to go the root of the expression, which is clear. Compliance is described as a state of being in accordance with set regulations. So, regulatory compliance is simple –it is being compliant with regulations. Let us explore what kind of compliance is required, and what regulation are we talking about.

Indian Passport rules and regulations

By: Uday Patel | May 21, 2012 An article on Indian Passport and how to apply? Find details in this article before submitting the application.

Passport application and failure

By: Uday Patel | May 14, 2012 An article on Indian Passport and how an application can be turned and fail. Read about this vital travel document.

Ohio's New Industrial Storm Water General Permit

By: August Mack | May 7, 2012 The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency's (OEPA) new industrial storm water general permit (OHR000005) will be replacing the previous industrial storm water general permit (OHR000004) which expired on May 31, 2011. In order to help industry more easily identify Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) requirements and effective best management practices (BMPs) for specific operations, the OEPA has adopted framework from the federal Multi-Sector General Permit. The new OEPA general permit

Form R Reporting for 2012: EPCRA Section 313

By: August Mack | May 7, 2012 The toxic release inventory (TRI) is required by Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA). The rule was established to provide the public with information regarding the type and quantity of toxic chemicals released to the environment from industrial facilities in their neighborhoods. The rule is not intended to impose restrictions or limitations on the storage or usage of these chemicals. The TRI, also known as the Form R report, must be submitted by July 1

Types of Spill Kits

By: Keyword Performance | May 3, 2012 Spill kits are designed to pick up oil, general substances, and hazardous liquids. Here are some of the possible types of spill kits.

Business Disputes That Need help of Houston Business Law Attorney

By: Alejandro Padua | Apr 25, 2012 Business decisions have consequences and sometimes those consequences are in conflict with business commitments. Disputes may arise between a business and any other party it interacts with and they are best to get resolved with the assistance of business law attorney.

Qualified Domestic Relations Order at California

By: robertstipper | Mar 28, 2012 For certain unfortunate conditions when a couple faces divorce, there are certain legal procedures to be followed and then the implementation of the divorce takes place.

Right To Know Filing: Consequences of Filing Late

By: Cathey Lee | Mar 14, 2012 In fact, if your filing contains misstatements or misrepresentations you could be fined up to $1000, a year in jail, or both -- one more reason to get professional help to ensure your filing, even if it's late, is accurate and complete.
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