Regulatory compliance

Certified Translations. Certified True.

By: Charlene Lacandazo | Mar 10, 2012 Translations are required by companies and individuals on a daily basis. Although most of these are needed urgently, when submitting translated documents to specific authorities the validity of these translations also need to be taken into account, that is where certified translations come into play.

LLP or Company in India

By: Fylfot | Mar 8, 2012 A brief write up about the establishing of a LLP or a Company under the Indian laws, the features of both the legal entities compared and contrasted.

Employment law training sessions provided by Peninsula

By: Samual James Mcloulin | Mar 1, 2012 Peninsula provides employment law training sessions where clients can receive employer law advice. Training covers a range of topics, from how to deal with bullying in the workplace to pensions and retirement.

Alignment of Document Retention and Litigation Hold Strategies is Key to Defensible Data Deletion

By: Matthew Minor | Feb 28, 2012 This article discusses best practices in minimizing the risks and costs that have accompanied the proliferation of ESI. The need for collaboration between IT and Legal Departments is explained, as are retention policies and new technologies to assist with the legal hold process.

How to Select the Right Regional Center to Obtain EB5 investor visa

By: Alejandro Padua | Feb 8, 2012 Having a million dollars will not necessarily bring you an EB5 investor visa. The program is so designed that the law can hardly be tricked and paperwork is so sophisticated that only an EB5 lawyer can master his way in and out a maze of eligibility requirements, terms, and conditions.

How EB-5 Lawyer Helps in Obtaining EB-5 Investor Visa

By: Alejandro Padua | Feb 3, 2012 Although the EB-5 investment visa can be considered a great opportunity to get a green card for numerous foreign nationals and a benefit for the US economy, the entire process can hardly be completed without the help of an attorney specialized in the EB-5 process.

DNA Paternity Testing can also be done in Australia

By: Nitish Sharma | Feb 1, 2012 We are the only DNA Testing Company in AUSTRALIA to offer a 24 hour DNA helpline with complete professionalism thus making DNA Bio Services Australia's first choice for DNA testing services.

Seeking the Generally Most cost effective Aircraft Maintenance Software

By: Jason Bravo | Jan 13, 2012 Aircraft maintenance software will be your quite affordable way have an acne problem army breeze products fit. There are one of useful promote to all or any varieties of airplanes.

The Inadequacies Highlighted by NARA Records Management Survey

By: Charles Alastair | Oct 28, 2011 NARA is the National Archives and Records Administration, and they are in charge of all records for all federally associated agencies.

The Implications of the Federal Records Act

By: Alter Hunt | Oct 24, 2011 Matters like which worker files are to be retained and which ones are to be discarded, accurate legal record keeping requirements and ediscovery laws remain a mystery to many federal personnel.
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