The 12 Principles of Non-Traditional Christian Education

By: Mark Virkler | Mar 30, 2012 The methods of the Western education style have done many good things, but is there a better way? I believe there is and explain how we can be doing a better job of educating.

The fertility of mind

By: Dr. Preeti Batra | Mar 29, 2012 Religion is a matter of heart, not the subject matter of birth. How we define ourselves as strong believer of God depends upon the fertility of our mind. The present article explains the relationship of God with the soul as biggest religion which shoud be followed.

Primal Faith Religions

By: William Bailey | Mar 28, 2012 In a nut shell, Primal Faith traditions are religions that have been in existence since the beginning of recorded history. These religions are the initial sources of human religion. The Primal Indigenous religions (also known as Tribal Religionists, Animists, and Ethnic religionists) are a way of life, not only a religion and it includes thousands of various religions as well. The article discusses the beliefs, rituals, and history of Primal Faith & Primal Indigenous religions.

Gift of eloquence and the role of pinky finger in palmistry

By: Narottam Mishra | Mar 26, 2012 Gift of eloquence is an inborn quality. An individual keeps well command over the language if the planet Mercury is strong enough in both the natal chart as well as on hand.

Choosing the Best Church for You

By: Glenn Farrier | Mar 26, 2012 If you are looking for a new church, there are several factors to consider in order to find the church that’s best for you. The factors include location, doctrine, worship style, pastor availability, social life and more.

Jewish Universalism

By: Shley Kelley | Mar 26, 2012 Faith inspires and ennobles people and it builds and sustains communities. The ideas and spirituality of the Jewish faith have been the guiding light for its adherents for centuries.

Spiritism - A General Summary of the Religion

By: William Bailey | Mar 25, 2012 Spiritism is a philosophy, religion, and a way of life originated in the 19th century by French educator Hypolite Leon Denizard Rivail, Pen name Allan Kardec (1804-1869). The principle fundamentals of Spiritism and the Spiritist Doctrine are outlined in Kardec's seminal work, his first of five books written (Spirits Codification) The Spirits Book. The article discusses the belief system and concepts of Spiritism.

How Teachings Of Muhammad (PBUH) And Quran Can Get The Best Out Of A Person

By: Hijab Al-Faisal | Mar 22, 2012 History speaks of Alexander of Macedonia as "Alexander the Great" because he is known to be a brave young ruler who left his homeland on a quest to conquer whole of the world at a young age of 23 and captured various countries of the world, with the total area under his dominion measuring about 1.7 million square miles.

Zoroastrianism - A General Summary of the Religion

By: William Bailey | Mar 21, 2012 Zoroastrianism, also known as Mazdaism, and Zarathustra was at one time among the world's largest religions. Zoroastrianism has approximately 250,000 followers today, with 80% residing within the country of India and the remaining within other various countries including The United States. This article touches on the aspects of the religion.

Wicca – Religious Magic

By: William Bailey | Mar 20, 2012 "Magick" or magic has been defined and redefined through the ages. One definition is the ability of manipulation practiced by Wiccans, Witches, or Sorcerers. Another is the science of controlling mysterious forces of our surroundings. There are two schools of thought on magic within the Wiccan community. Some believe that it is simply the profound understanding, control, and use of the five senses. Others admit they have absolutely no idea how magic works.
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