Strange Beauty Contests in the world

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As you know, beauty contest or beauty pageant is a competition based mainly on the physical beauty of its contestants, although such contests often incorporate personality, talent, and answers to judges' questions as judged criteria. However, there are also plenty of other beauty pageants that are different from what you are used to know. 


The annual Miss Jumbo Queen Pageant aims to raise awareness and money for Thailand's suffering elephant population. Women weighing 176 pounds and over strut their stuff for judges in beauty and talent competitions - fully representing the theory that "bigger is beautiful."

Miss Jumbo Queen




Started at the 1999 Dragon*Con in Atlanta, The Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant brings together the model of Klingon loveliness from across the country. The contestants are judged on beauty, talent, and personality. Klingon talents are preferred, as long as it doesn't endanger the contestants, the audience, or the "celebrity" judges. The last thing we need is a bloody bat'leth and a room full of dead nerds.

Miss Klingon Empire



The United States national pageant for women over age 59 held annually in November.

Ms Senior Sweetheart



Just because that your belly is expanding doesn't mean you can't enter a beauty contest. No more hiding behind tent-like dresses for pregnant women of the twenty-first century. Pregnant celebrities pose for magazine covers, flaunting their beautiful, bulging stomachs and today's generation understands that the changes a woman's body goes through are unique and awe inspiring. Many pregnant women enjoy showing off their new curves and belly "bump". The contests are gaining in popularity because of the wonderful prizes offered to contestant winners.


Miss Navajo has been held annually on the Navajo Reservation, United States, since 1952. Pageant contestants must be unmarried, over 18 years of age, be a high school graduate, and be able to speak the Navajo language. They compete in such activities such as: answering traditional and modern Navajo customs questions both in Navajo and English, sheep butchering, and performing a talent.

Miss Navajo Nation



The Most Beautiful Bottom in the World contest was launched in 2007 by the underwear manufacturer Sloggi. It is open to both men and women, and the winner for each category gets a modeling contract.



"Everybody has the right to be beautiful". It is one of goals the Miss Landmine pageant, started by Morten Traavik of Norway. The competition is intended to empower landmine victims and challenge traditional notions of beauty. The winner receives a high-tech prosthetic limb. In this beauty contest 10 women competed for the title of most beautiful mutilated Angolan women.

Miss Landmine



China holds the Miss Artificial beauty contest, exclusively for women who have had plastic surgery. All contestants have to provide a doctor's certificate to prove that they have had surgical alteration. Plastic surgery is a booming business in China, and those who have acquired beauty through surgery are called "renzao meinu" (man-made beauties)

Miss Artificial contest


Miss Russian Army is a beauty contest held by the Russian army in which female soldiers compete for a title of the same name. It is admittedly staged for the purposes of increasing interest in and recruitment for the army among young men.




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Strange Beauty Contests in the world

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