Top 10 Hottest Halloween Costume Trends of 2013

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Halloween is coming soon and it’s time for you to choose the perfect costume for the big holiday. When you are shopping for the best Halloween costume, I’m sure that you will want to get all the characters and costumes that are trending now.

Following is the list of top 10 hottest Halloween costume trends of 2013, which shows that popular TV shows movies and video games are having an influence in this year's top costumes.

1. Miley Cyrus Costume

Miley Cyrus has sported a very distinct look this year and it is not surprising as Miley Cyrus costume is among the top costumes for Halloween 2013. To represent her VMA moment for this holiday, you can buy a Twerking€™ Teddy T-shirt like in the photo below, start fixing your hair in a poor-girl's version of Princess Leah'€™s cinnamon-bun 'do and practice sticking out your tongue right now. You can also add a foam finger with red-painted nails to your twerkin' Miley costume.

2. Breaking Bad Costume

Along with Miley Cyrus costume, Breaking Bad costume is another trending Halloween costume of 2013. According to Google, searches for "Breaking Bad" costumes are three times higher this year than they were last year. To imitate Walter White in costume form, you can just slip on a yellow suit and a pair of metal framed glasses.

3. Great Gatsby Costume

The “Great Gatsby” has made waves throughout Hollywood as a must-see movie this year and that explains why Great Gatsby costume searches are trending highest in New York and California. To wear your Gatsby-inspired Halloween look, all items you need are a dance-able fringe dress, a feather hair piece, a pair of heels and nonstop attitude. You can also have your significant other dress up in a tuxedo and top hat to turn into a couple’s costume.

4. Minion Costume

The animated flick “Despicable Me” and its 2013 sequel were both big hits with not only kids but also adults everywhere. And one of the breakout characters are Gru's legion of tiny rambunctious Minions. To instantly transform yourself into Minions from "Despicable Me," you just need to adorn yellow face paint and a pair of blue jean overalls.

5. Sharknado Costume

Campy made-for-TV movie “Sharknado” garnered plenty of attention this summer and Sharknado costume is among hottest Halloween costume trends of 2013. You can make the poor-man's "Sharknado" costume by donning a head-eating-shark hat, a crossing T-shirt and pinning some rubber or plushing sharks to the shirt.

6. Zombie Costume

The “Walking Dead” series is one of the best zombie shows ever and to dress up as a “Walker,” you need to paint your face a greenish-gray, layer on some blood. Then you stagger around like you’re ready to sink your teeth into your next victim. You can go all out by having your friends dress up as zombies, too.

7. Angry Birds Costume

Along with Minion costume, Angry Birds costume is another choice for kids this Halloween. There are a lot of costumes in all sizes and styles available for you to choose.

8. Superman Costume

Superman made his long-awaited return to movie theaters this summer in “Man of Steel” and if you want to imitate this hero in costume form, you can wear his iconic red and blue outfit for this Halloween.

9. The Guild Codex Costume

You can become Codex from “The Guild” this Halloween by wearing the officially licensed Codex costume, which includes the dress, gauntlets, knee pads, leg wraps, arm bands and a headband.

10. Twilight Costume

Vampires have always been a standard go-to Halloween costume. With the right makeup and costume accessories, it’s not only a great choice for an adult Halloween costume but also easy to pull off to amaze your friends and family.

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Top 10 Hottest Halloween Costume Trends of 2013

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