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There are always some kinds of records which are so strange that you can not imagine, and such cases are outside the borders of rational thinking. The youngest mothers are one of these unbelievable cases. Surprisingly, a five year old girl is not matured enough to give birth to a child. The absence of puberty, menstrual cycle, proper development of the uterus makes it impossible, but:


Lina Medina, age 5

Lina Medina, is the youngest confirmed mother in medical history, who was born on September 27, 1933 in the small village of Paurange and was only 5 years 8 months old to give birth to her child on May 14, 1939. To be specific, Lina Medina's parents thought their 5-year-old daughter had a huge abdominal tumor and when her father carried her to a hospital. However, it turned out that she was pregnant, and the baby weighed 2.7 kg. That was really a feat!

Peruvian five-year-old Lina Medina, her 11-month-old-son Gerardo, and Doctor Lozada who attended her son's birth

Linda was pregnant when she was just 5


Gerardo, age 8

Gerardo, a girl from Huanuco, Peru, gave birth to a baby weighing 2 kg by caesarean section at a hospital in Lima in December 2006. Unfortunately, she became pregnant after being dishonoured by two of her cousins.

Hilda Trujillo, age 9

Hilda Trujillo was third youngest mother to give birth at the age of nine. In November when Hilda came the Maternity Hospital of Obstetrician Rolando Colareta, she was checked by a team of 16 obstetricians, gland specialists, radiologists, psychiatrists and general practitioners. After one month on December 1957, she gave birth to a baby girl. Her 22 year old cousin was arrested for dishonour.

Wanwisa Janmuk, age 9

In February 2001, Wanwisa Janmuk, a Thai person, became youngest Asian mother. Moreover, the world's forth youngest mother was married to a 26 year old man.

Wanwisa Janmuk, age 9


A Singaporean girl, age 9

Singapore was second Asian country where a nine year old girl gave birth to a baby. She was student of primary school and had an affair with 14 year old student. Both of them were alone at home when their parents went away. 


Youngest parents in the world


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Top Youngest Mothers in the History

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    World's Youngest Mother- 2010/11/07 09:21:58 am

    Based from the record of Wikipedia, all should take note that the youngest age of a mother is 5 years, 7 months and 21 days, just half the age of the earlier mother's age. The name of the world's youngest mother is Lina Medina of Lima, Peru. It is followed by a 6 year-old mother of Ukraine; 8 years and 4 months of Nigeria; 8 years and 11 months of Huanuco, Peru; 9 9-year old mothers, 11 10-year old mothers excluding the mother in the recent news and 10 11-year old mothers. Source:

This article was published on 2011/01/03
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