Easier navigating through paperwork for a provisional patent with trademark attorneys

By: Daniel Boudwin | May 24, 2013 What does it mean when the committee that oversees the United States Patent Office issues a decision with any patent pending or approves a provisional patent for a product?

Trademark Law Misconceptions

By: Andrey Pinsky | Apr 1, 2013 Trademark law misconceptions.

Trade Name Registration Requirements

By: David Spiller | Sep 13, 2012 Understanding the basics of trade registration is very necessary when it comes to business development and innovation. Important details should be considered first prior to the process.

Steps On How To Trademark

By: Patrick Thompson | Jun 4, 2012 A trademark gives a person, business, company or any legal entity the power to look unique from others. A trademark is a sign, phrase or symbol that a company can use to indicate that the products that are accorded the symbol originate from a specific source that is acknowledged. It creates the distinction of every company from the other. Different companies always have the freedom of creating the

Law firms in USA: lucrative deal

By: rahulthinktank | May 10, 2012 Law firms in USA are a lucrative deal. There we can find the world’s most eligible, professional and costliest solicitors, who claim to make your legal life easy.

Trademark Litigation Get Your Business Secure

By: chaman goyal | May 3, 2012 Trademark registration is a crucial step towards the protection of your business name, uniqueness of the logos, services and products. A registered trademark uses the symbol Tm.

The Management and Maintenance of International Trademark

By: ken xu | Apr 24, 2012 Overseas trademark protection is a long process, which can develop with the development of enterprises and change with market demand. After registration, you need to pay attention to the subsequent management and maintenance of the trademark. On the market, many enterprises neglect management and maintenance of trademarks, which leads to the trademark being canceled and the products surrounding tr

The Necessity of International Trademark Protection

By: ken xu | Apr 23, 2012 With the enhancements of economic globalization, the multinational development of enterprises has also become enhanced. As one of the important intangible assets of the enterprise, Trademark has a major impact on multinational business. Therefore, international trademarks registration is increasingly becoming one important way for multinational companies to enhance product value, establish an inte

Trademark Registration ensures full Ownership on Mark to Company

By: chaman goyal | Apr 19, 2012 Trademark registration ensures company to have full rights on its mark and logo. It also help them to have a individual identity among various organization. Registration is made available by trademark offices after going process of trademark search.

Nassau County Lawyer Providing You the Right Solution for All Types of Legal Issues

By: Article Manager | Apr 19, 2012 Nassau County lawyers assist their clients in organizing and conducting shareholders, members, and director meetings, shareholder relationships, disputes, dealing with dissident shareholders, executive terminations and general corporate compliances as well.
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