Types Of Friends That You Should Avoid

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Many studies show that having friends in your life can make your life better and easier. They help you live longer and even are more important than family. When you have best pals, mountains become molehills, disease becomes less deadly and stress feels more manageable. However, there are still types of friends that you should avoid.

1. The opportunist friends

The opportunist friends are the ones who will be around you till you are of use to them. They may borrow your money or stuff constantly, for example. All they do is taking from you, without giving anything back in the friendship. They come and go according to their own interests and when they don’t need you any more, they will turn their back. Especially, you will be likely to find yourself alone when you get trouble or have a problem to ask them for help.


2. The competitive friends

A little friendly competition is healthy but when a friendship becomes more of a competition, things can get very ugly. The competitive friends are constantly comparing themselves with you, whether it is at work or school. This kind of friend are also finding ways to compete and this can cause a lot of personal clashes between you both.


3. The gossip

Trust is a major building block in the foundation of a successful friendship. Without it, your secrets may not be safe. The gossip girl can spell doom for your trust although she is very social and outgoing. She is constantly breaking your confidentiality and it’s better for you to avoid this kind of friend.


4. The criticizer

A friend, who is constantly criticizing you from the kind of shoes you wear to the way you speak, is the one you need to run at the first possible opportunity. These criticisms will not only affect your friendship in the long run but also lead to an inferiority complex. Besides, this type of friend will eventually become draining as you are always on the defense against her attacks.


5. The friends who put you down

A great friend can provide a wealth of support but there are friends who always make use of a chance to put you down. Whenever you try to share positive news, this type of friend counteracts with the negative. These people only make your self esteem go down and they are friends you don't need to keep around.


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Types Of Friends That You Should Avoid

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