Unbelievable Stories on Facebook

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1.  Facebook alibi


Rodney Bradford, 19, had never thought that he could have freedom thanks to a message on his Facebook. Rodney updated his social networking site at his father’s house in Harlem at 11:49 p.m on Saturday, October 17th 2009. The message is simply “Where’s my pancake?”


A day later, he was arrested for being suspected to be a robber. Fortunately, his layer used his Facebook’s message as a legally proof for his innocent because the time he updated Facebook concurred with the robbery. Rodney was finally released free thanks to his Facebook entry.



Facebook was alibi for Rodney Bradford


2. Losing monthly benefits over Facebook photo


Nathalie Blanchard, a woman living in Quebec was cut her monthly benefits by Manulife insurance company after uploading her holiday photos captured on a beach and bar to Facebook. It is said that Blanchard was received sick-leave benefits after leaving IBM Company because of depression diagnosis one and a half year ago.



Nathalie's photos on Facebook made her lose monthly benefits


3. Groom updated his Facebook at his wedding altar


It is regular for a groom to kiss the bridge after vowing love honor and obey. However, Dana Hana, a software developer was a special case because he right away took his mobile phone to update his marriage status on his Facebook and Twitter, and even generously handed one over to his bride to do the same. 




4. Divorcing on Facebook


It is difficult to say goodbye when love is over. However, it is unbelievable if someone use internet to break up the relationship. Emma Brady, 35, was really shock when receiving a message from her husband’s Facebook: “Neil Brady has ended his marriage to Emma Brady.”



Happy couple on their wedding and miserable ex wife after being dumped by her husband


5. Stealing a photo on and using as an ad poster


A Christmas card photo of a Missouri family in Czech suddenly disappeared on their Facebook. A time later, it turned out that a family’s college friend “borrowed” their photo to make an ad poster for a food store in Prague without their permission. 



A happy family photo is used to be ad poster without any permission  


6. Finding family after 22 years being kidnapped thanks to Facebook


An Italian man Alex Anfuso who was kidnapped by his own father when he was 5 years old has lived in Cairo, Egypt for 22 years in a different name. After a long time being separated, he wanted to find his family and relatives but it seemed impossible. Finally, he sent a message on Facebook for many people with surname “Anfuso”. He contacted with a TV technician named Pino Anfuso, who helped broadcast his story on a popular TV show of the State Broadcaster RAI. Unfortunately, when he was on air to tell his story, he found that his mother had died.



Alex Anfuso at present and in the past

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Unbelievable Stories on Facebook

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This article was published on 2010/03/12
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