Understanding UV Radiation for Good Health

By: Room Smith | Aug 10, 2013 The sun’s ultraviolet radiation is mostly perceived as ‘bad for health’ today. While UV radiation can be very harmful in the light of global warming today, lack of it can be just as worse.

Beware of the High Winds

By: Room Smith | Jul 24, 2013 From late April to early May in 2013, the Tasmanian people have been experiencing some wicked winds which are busy downing power lines, lighting bush fires and creating difficult driving and transit situations.

Coping with High Altitudes

By: Room Smith | May 29, 2013 It’s not just during hikes and adventure sports that high altitudes matter. Many cities across the US are located on high elevations.

Does a Relation between Weather and Moods Exist?

By: Room Smith | May 14, 2013 Did you know that psychologically, weather can have a strong influence on your mood? But scientifically no research or tests have been conclusive if weather really affects one’s mood.

The Pleasant Spring and the Unpleasant Pollen

By: Room Smith | Apr 26, 2013 Temperatures across the UK and Europe have begun to soar. Naturally a lot of people want to get outdoors more and plan trips or activities accordingly.

Before The Rubber Hits the Road

By: Room Smith | May 29, 2012 Even though Lao Tzu defines a good traveler as with “no fixed plans and not intent on arriving”, treating a road trip like an improvisation might not be such a bright idea after all. Any experienced traveler will agree that no matter how much one plans a road trip, not everything can be foreseen and hence improvisation is beyond doubt, a part of the travel game.

An English Voyage

By: Room Smith | May 24, 2012 Who isn’t curious about the English streets, landscapes and people who haven’t dreamt of strolling through the eventful history that is silently and beautifully borne by the Victorian architecture and museums? Who wouldn’t want to experience the diverse music, art and the popular British humor for themselves? For whom, the above is true are or will be en route for an English voyage.

Get weather news today through internet

By: Nitin Kaushik | May 11, 2012 Weather is never constant. It is the primary situation of atmosphere. It keeps on changing in every second. It also varies with time and place. Different types of climates can be seen in different places.

Get Relevant Data about Weather News Today over the net

By: Nitin Kaushik | May 8, 2012 To get the weather report of the day is very essential for all ages to come.

How to Get Weather News Today Over the Net

By: Nitin Kaushik | May 7, 2012 weather news is one of the most important factors in our life. If it is well informed the program of the days will be fine.
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